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    March 2, 2014
    9:00 - 9:31pm PST  

. >> live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening, thu for joining us. >> many of us woke up to a wet gray day. the windshield wipers were put to good use had this morning on southbound 101. >> here is a look above the bay tonight and looking back at the city right now. it's dry at the moment, we saw spotty showers across the bay area throughout the day. >> abc 7 meteorologist is on the roof with a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> we had a nice break this afternoon, the showers started
to wind down. we are live right now, and it's showing that it's going to be another rough day tomorrow as showers already starting to move in right near the coast. you can see them there. this is going to be the is system that moves in for your monday. look for the rain to begin overnight and early into the morning. over the north bay and then across the entire bay area by tomorrow afternoon. we are talking rainfall amounts from an inch, inch and half, to a quarter of an inch in the lowland areas. we will look at the accu-weather forecast, march is coming in like a lion. >> you can track the doppler on our news weather app. you can download it from our website. >> we have developing news out of martinez. a teenage girl was hit and killed bay train tonight, she was walking along the tracks
around 5:00, witnesses say at some point she dropped her phone and tried to retrieve it and she was hit and kill. details coming up. the second time in a week, this home owner found a car crashed in his pool. he could not believe it when he walked in to his backyard to check out a loud bang. this is what he saw. a car was crashed through the fence and submerged in his pool. he said the same thing happened just six days ago >> i want thought i was dreaming at first, you know? but, i just realized that it happened again, the kids hopped out and hopped the fence. i came out on, he was upset. >> 18-year-old david martinez was arrested for drunk driving, two minors were also in the car. no one was hurt. police and neighbors want to find the person that rigged a
suv to drive wireless. the tahoa's owner reported it stolen and lives around the corner from the crash scene, they believe a rock was placed on the access racelerataccelera. >> they could have killed someone. >> usually someone teals s >> they could have killed someone. >> usually someone tealsteals a, it is found in another neighborhood, it does not stay in the neighborhood and then is found crashed because it had a rock on the grass pedal. >> the owner of the home is not sure how much damage will cost. >> crews are searching for 93-year-old robert davis, he last had contact with his family wednesday evening. he never had made it home after having dinner with his daughter. police set out looking for him.
they are checking areas where a car could have driven off the roadway, with no sign of davis, efforts to find him are intensifying. >> we are continuing to focus on central marin and central rafel and expanding to southern marin and northern marin are and we have brought in our marine aux illry unit. >> the disappearance is not like him. he is able to care for himself, about but suffers from poor short-term memory. >> u.s. secretary of state, john kerry is expected to travel to ukraine this tuesday to meet with government officials there. this comes after russian forces moved in to part of ukraine, trying to keep the former soviet republic under the influence of the russian go. . the u.s. believes that russia now has complete control of the peninsula, a pro russian part of the ukraine. back in the bay area, ukrainians and others protested outside the
russian consulate. they want russia to withdraw and oth others prayed for peace. >> the ukrainians, would like to live free. >> the u.s. and six other nations have stopped preparing for the g-8 summit that will be hosted by russia in june. the country said russia's advance in to ukraine violates the principals and values of the g-8. >> the san francisco supervisor will unveil a measure tomorrow the that will put restrictions on the use and sale of the e-cigarette s in the city. it will prohibit the use of e-cigarettes anywhere that cigarettes are prohibited. a first hearing on the bill will be heard on thursday. they are not regulared by the
fda. >> a 95-year-old world war ii veteran came out to support runners in a race today through san jose, but his effort took a twist that surprised him. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> god bless. >> you are doing a good job. get right in to it. >> as he cheered them on, dozens of runners took a detour to show their appreciation for joe bell, shaking his hand and offering words of gratitude, this is video from our media partner, the bay area news group. it happened during the race to the row, it's an 8k race, the run supports the pat tilman foundation that provides scholarships to military veterans. >> ahead, a look at the oscar winners and what about the worst movies of the year? ♪
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governor brown said he is not sure that legalizing marijuana in california is such a good idea, because it could have negative ripple effects, california legalized medical marijuana but recreational usury mains illegal. he said that a certain amount of pot is okay, but there's a habit to go extremes, he said how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or great nation? the world is pretty dangerous, very competitive. we need to stay alert, if not 24 hours aday, more than some of the pot heads may be put together. he is waiting to see how colorado and washington are fairing. >> the razzies recognize the worst of the worst, the sketch comedy "movie 43" was named the
year's worst movie. and then a twist, tyler perry was named worst actress for his drag role in "madea christmas". >> coming up next, how much rain can you expect next week? >> and in sports the warriors' road trip continues north of the border but without a key big man who could not find his [dad] [laughs] [boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa...
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>> covering all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. and now, for our forecast,
abc 7 news meteorologist has a first check on weather on the roof. hi? >> hi there again everyone, let's go to live doppler 7 hd, we are in a bit of a break right now, but you can see the showers off the coast. you can see them already redeveloping. this is in line with a very weak cold front sitting off the coast line, this is what will be our next rain maker, starting in the bay. so, dry pavement out there right now, in the north bay, your morning commute will be a bit on the wet side and we will have problems as we face the commute tomorrow. in the 50s. 54 half moon bay. nice shot from the emeryville cam. and here is a look at the forecast, you see the clouds on the increase over downtown san
francisco. scattered showers, i guess i should say, redeveloping overnight, rain spreading south, we get a brief break on tuesday and then more rain expected by wednesday night and thursdthurse a wet day as well. you can see the ripples along the jet stream, those ripples, indicating slow areas of low pressure, those are moving across the bay area through thursday and then after that, we will start to see more sunshine and warm things up, until then it's going to be kind of unsettled right through mid week. so, 9:00 this evening, most of the rain developing off of the north coast and check out the animation. that is where the rain will be and by 10:00 down past the golden gate bridge and 5:00 commute, we are all wet and
moderate rain moving through around 11:00 tomorrow night and we will start to dry it up. how much rainfall? the higher elevations, you see the higher amounts over an inch expected the lower elevations a quarter to half an inch and in the south bay mountain areas, about a quarter of an inch, and this is not a strong storm, most of the rain will be on the light side. so, thickening clouds overnight, temperatures in the upper 40s and, cloedown to sant rosa, those will be developing, tonight, overnight, and rain on the increase and by tomorrow afternoon, we will all be wet, daytime highs we will cool off a bit. 64 for san jose, and 52 for san francisco. here is my accu weather seven-day forecast, rain likely on monday for the bay area, we get a break on tuesday afternoon throughout most of the day on
wednesday. and then wednesday night in through thursday, showers likely, and then after that, we will dry it up a bit, friday, saturday and sunday, temperatures in the 70s, i want to mention this is the last weekend on pacific standard time, next sunday we go to daylight saving time. something to look forward to, we do gain an extra hour of daylight. but we miss an hour of sleep. >> larry has the sports. >> weird story with the warriors, they had to wave approximate goodbye to jermaine o'neal, he is a former raptor, lost or had his passport stolen. o canada, where is my passport. nice passing here, bogut with a finish and lobbed to david lee who had 20 points and 11 boards. steph curry led all scorers, as usual, had 34 points. high degree of on difficulty
there. raptors 7-22 when trailing in the fourth. derosen, unstoppable. here is curry with the left. warriors down three. and four fourth quarter turnovers were costly. they could not stop derosen. raptors win and warriors head to indiana on tuesday. stanford, facing arizona. gordon out of archbishop, on the lob there. and then from hollis-jefferson. 22 for the cardinal. go gordon, show and go, as you see eustes scoring, and nice. scoop to the hoop. led the team. arizona captures the pac-12 regular season title, 79-66. is there a goalie controversy brewing in san jose? third game back from the olympic
break, the coach goes with his starting back up netminder, he started alex stalock for the second time in three games. facing former teammate, ryane clowe, staylock solid torres, recently back from acl surgery, scores off the 2 on 1 and we are tied at 2. one timer. sentence under three minutes left. wingels forcing the turnover here, marleau, 5 hole between the legs on cory schneider. sharks take 2 out of 3 on this trip. cactus league action. giants and dbacks, sandoval, looper that scores posey for a 1-0 lead, tim hudson in his giants' debut, he broke his ankle at a play at first last year. no problem here, as he covers completing the double play. huddy, two shutout innings, and struck out one, giants win 5-3.
a's and angels, do not do this to your child, okay, that is wrong. he will grow up -- he will grow up, it won't be good for him. cespedes with a drive to left off of blatton, and hustling all the way from first base, score on the play, a's with a 3-2 win. tiger woods with drew from the honda classic after 13 holes today because of back spasms, he was 5 over at the time said he is not sure he will be able to play. rory mcilroy, with drew from the tournament a year ago, came in today leading at 12 under, disaster here. into the drink on 16. double bogey. he had a chance to win on this, needing an eagle and just slides it past the hole. he goes in to a four-way playoff. russell handily wins it with a birdie. second career win on the first extra hole, victory worth over just a million dollars.
lpga, the women's championship, paula cramer, 75 footer for eagle. 99 times out of wurn 100, you at going to make this shot this is one time. cramer, excited. i think the celebration is better. she is on her knees and almost in tears there. could not believe it. paula cramer, her first lpga win since the 2010 u.s. open. nascar in knphoenix, rough e for danica patrick. harvick dominating the track. and doming the -- there's your winner. his fifth victory in phoenix. >> sounds good. thank you so much. larry,
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00, hollywood's big night. >> a break in the rain just in time for the stars. mother nature must be a movie fan. on the red carpet in los angeles, all the glamer coming up, and a bay area teenager with a front row seat. the photo that broke records. we are talking a million and a half retreats. the very, low tech techniques some are turning to because of the california drought. the movie "gravity" and "12 years a slave" took home oscars but there were many, many other winners. jared leto, "dallas buyers
club" jared leto took home best supporting actor. >> this is for the people that lost the battle to aids. >> and best supporting actress went to "12 years a slave" lupita nyongo. "frozen" won best animated feature film, and the concert -- and the stage turned into a concert. the pressure was also on ellen degeneres, who returned as host for a second time and even handed out pizza to the audience. >> wait, carrie washington is pregnant, she needs some. >> the competition for best actress was tough this year. >> the oscar goes to, cate blanchett. and best actor went to matthew mcconaughey.
in the category of best director, alfonso cauron. >> now, it's on to the after parties, you see the guests leaving behind me, many will be going to the governor's ball, where 1500 guests will be celebrating with more than 1300 bottles of champagne. reporting live, abc news. well, several oscars saw a boost at the box office. none made it to the top 5. for the first time, ""lego" was dethrowned. >> in second place, "son of god," the movie uses footage from a history channel mini series to tell the story of jesus. it earned 26 million, the lego movie, and monument's men
rounded it out. i like ellen. >> i thought she was very good. she crushed lizaminelli, the pizza bit got old as they kept going back to it. but she was very good, very smooth and comfortable. >> well, that sit for abc 7 news at 9:00. >> our next news cast at 11:00 p.m. on abc 7, for all of us here, we will see you at 11:00 and thank you for watching.
>> this is the show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. some call it crazy, some call it adorable. everyone calls it bloopers. so stop what you are doing, unless what you are doing is watching bloopers. let's go. [applause] >> hello, i am dean cain and welcome to bloopers. if there is one thing we have learned from doing bloopers, it is this. it is not about how far you fall, but where you land.